Wanko-Soba Noodles are an all-you-can-eat
soba dish, which has been served
in Iwate as an Omotenashi meal,
a way to serve soba noodles
to guests in a delightful way.

A small portion of soba noodles will be served into your bowl by the attending server who will accompany your eating with chants such as “Hai jan jan, hai don don,” as a means of encouragement to eat more. Some condiments and garnishes are served to accompany the noodles so as to enjoy some variation within the meal. Fifteen small portions will account for one normal size bowl of soba noodles.



The emptied soba bowls are stacked one on top of another on the table, to make it easier to keep track and to count the number of bowls consumed in the end.
Therefore, the number of bowls consumed by one person can be confirmed.
The joyful atmosphere can be created by a mixture of both the sight and sound of the towering bowls stacking up.

●Condiments:Tuna Sashimi, Nameko mushroom served with grated daikon radish simmered with soy sauce, cooked minced chicken, Sesame paste, sheets Nori of seaweed, pickled vegetables, grated taro potato, chopped leaks, Wasabi horseradish, Grated daikon radish with red chili, and a plate of a desert dish

●Allergen:Egg -, Milk -, Wheat +, Peanut -, Shrimp -, Soba +, Crab -

Price:¥700 reduction on the regular price for students up to Junior High School.
A booking is not absolutely necessary; however, booking does help us to know the date, time and the number of guests allowing for smoother preparations.

Wanko-Soba Experience

  1. Wear an apron first.
  2. Take off the lid of the bowl and raise the bowl up slightly, so the server can serve one portion (one-mouth-full) of soba noodles into your bowl.
    Soba servers will refill your bowl with a chant "Hai Don Don♪" cheering and encouraging for you to eat more.
  3. The first portion of noodles should be eaten without any condiments to enjoy its true and simple taste.
    Then enjoy a number of variations of noodles accompanied by condiments or garnishes!
  4. The soup of the noodles in your bowl shall be emptied into a tub on the table.
  5. You can call yourself finished only when you successfully put the lib back on to your bowl while soba servers watch.
    Of course, your bowl must be empty when the lid is put on.
  6. Anyone who has consumed 100 bowls or more of noodles will be awarded with a bill called "Tegata."
  7. Fifteen bowl full of soba noodles make up one normal bowl of soba noodles.
  8. Traditionally, there is no rule requiring you to eat quickly.
  9. Pace yourself while eating the noodles and enjoying some dialogue with the soba servers.

Wanko-Soba Record

  • Men's: 500 bowls by a man
  • Women's: 753 bowls by a woman